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Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer Review in 2022 Review

Introducing the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer – the ultimate grooming tool for precision haircuts and detailed styling! This powerful trimmer features a lithium-ion battery, adjustable T-wide blade, and LED indicator, allowing you to achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home. With its 100-minute run time, you can easily create complex designs and sculpt your hairline with precise accuracy. It also comes with three trimming guides, recharging transformer, cleaning brush and oil, pre-shave brush, and operating instructions to ensure you get the most out of your trimmer. Step up your grooming game with the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer – the perfect tool to achieve smooth and effortless haircut designs. "Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer"


• Lithium-ion cord/cordless trimmer.

The modern man is always on the lookout for grooming products that can help him look his best. One of the most important items in a man’s grooming kit is a trimmer. A trimmer helps keep facial hair and head hair neat and tidy, and it can also be used to create stylish looks. When it comes to choosing a trimmer, there are several options available, including corded, cordless, rotary motor and lithium-ion models.

Corded trimmers are powered by an electrical outlet or battery pack and have more power than cordless models. They are ideal for trimming thick beard or head hair quickly and efficiently. Cordless trimmers offer portability, but may not have as much power as their corded counterparts.

Rotary motor trimmers feature small blades that oscillate at high speeds for precision trimming of facial hair. They are relatively quiet compared to other types of trimmers and provide excellent control when creating more detailed hairstyles.

Lithium-ion cord/cordless trimmers combine the power of a corded model with the convenience of a cordless design, making them an ideal choice for those who want maximum performance without having to worry about cords getting tangled up while they work. The lithium-ion batteries used in these models last longer than traditional NiMH batteries providing users with extended use before needing to recharge or replace batteries.

No matter which type of trimmer you choose, make sure it has the features you need for your specific trimming needs. All of these different types of trimmers will give you the professional results you desire so you can look your best at all times!


The price of the Wahl 8171 Cordless Detailer Li 5 Star Series is $99.00.


1. The Wahl 5 Star Detailer Trimmer offers stylish looks, with a strong rotary motor and T-blade for crisp, sharp outlining.
2. It features an extended blade cutting area which produces faster cutting results.
3. The trimmer is cordless, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience when styling facial hair.
4. Its T-wide blade provides more power when cutting and is designed for detailing and fine line trimming.
5. The lithium ion battery provides up to 100+ minutes of run time, making it ideal for professional barbers or stylists.



Product Specifications

Blade: The trimmer comes with a 2215 Adjustable T-Wide Blade
Cord: Cord/Cordless Transformer
Motor: The trimmer has a rotary motor
Unit Length: 75 inches
Unit Weight: 6 oz
Product Code: WS000230
Color: Bordeaux/Silver
Drive Unit: Rotary motor 6 800 rpm
Mains Voltage: 120V – 60Hz
Blade Adjustment: The 40.6mm T-Blade can be adjusted to zero-overlap for an even closer trim
Battery: Lithium battery with up to 100 min. run time
Light Weight: The trimmer is lightweight

Product FAQ

Is the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer light weight?

The Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a great choice for those looking for a light weight trimmer. This trimmer is perfect for those who are looking for a trimmer that is easy to handle and maneuver. The Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a great choice for those who are looking for a trimmer that is light weight and easy to use.

Does the trimmer have a battery?

When it comes to personal grooming, many people turn to trimmers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. But one of the first questions people often have about trimmers is whether or not they have a battery.

The good news is that most trimmers do have a battery. This is usually a Lithium battery, which can provide up to 100 minutes of run time. This should be enough time to get the job done, even for the hairiest individuals.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and there are some trimmers that don’t have a battery. These are usually older models or very cheap trimmers that are not meant to be used for extended periods of time. If you’re looking for a trimmer that you can use for a long time without having to worry about the battery dying, then make sure to choose one that has a battery included.

Can the blade be adjusted on the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer?

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful trimmer for detail work, the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a great option. This trimmer features a T-blade that can be adjusted to zero-overlap for an even closer trim. Additionally, the trimmer comes with five different guide combs to help you achieve the perfect look.

What is the mains voltage for the trimmer?

The majority of trimmers today use a mains voltage of 120V – 60Hz. This is the standard in North America, and is also used in many other parts of the world. The mains voltage is the amount of voltage that the trimmer is designed to use. The frequency (Hz) is simply the number of times per second that the voltage changes. A higher frequency results in a smoother trimming experience.

What is the drive unit for the trimmer?

A rotary motor is a type of motor that uses a rotating motion to produce force. The drive unit for the trimmer is a rotary motor that helps to power the trimmer blade. This motor is typically located at the base of the trimmer and helps to drive the blade in a circular motion.

What color is the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer?

What is the product code for the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer?

Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a great product for those who are looking for a quality trimmer. It is a battery operated trimmer that is very light and easy to use. The product code for the trimmer is WS000230.

How much does the trimmer weigh?

We know that the trimmer is a handheld tool that is used to trim hair, but how much does it actually weigh? The answer may surprise you – the trimmer weighs 6 oz. That’s right, this handy tool is super light, making it easy to take with you on the go.

The trimmer’s light weight is also due to its compact size. This trimmer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect tool to take with you when you travel. And because it’s so light, you can easily use it for extended periods of time without getting tired.

So, the next time you’re looking for a trimmer that is easy to use and transport, remember that the trimmer weighs 6 oz.

How long is the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer?

The Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a versatile and powerful tool that is perfect for a variety of detailing jobs. This trimmer is 75 inches long and features a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 2 hours of run time. The trimmer also has a precision ground blade that is perfect for making detailed cuts.

What type of motor does the trimmer have?

A rotary motor is a type of motor that uses a rotating motion to create force. The most common type of rotary motor is the electric motor, which uses electricity to create rotational force. other types of rotary motors include hydraulic and pneumatic motors.

Rotary motors are used in various applications, including powering electric vehicles, washing machines, and power tools. They are also used in many industrial applications, such as pumps and compressors.

Does the trimmer come with a cord?

A cord/cordless transformer is a device that helps to manage the electrical cords of appliances by providing a way to wind them up and store them neatly. This is especially useful for small appliances like trimmers that have a lot of cords that can easily become tangled. The cord/cordless transformer also provides a way to charge the appliance without having to leave it plugged into an outlet.

What blade comes with the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer?

The Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a versatile and powerful trimmer that is perfect for detail work. It comes with a 2215 Adjustable T-Wide Blade that is perfect for getting into tight spaces and for creating precise lines.

Is Wahl Detailer worth?

The Wahl Detailer is a great hair trimmer for those looking for a powerful yet quiet and cool option. It is not as popular as some other trimmers on the market, but it is a great choice for those who want a durable and reliable trimmer.

How do you know when Wahl Detailer is fully charged?

If you own a Wahl Detailer, you may be wondering how you can tell when it is fully charged. When you place the Detailer on the charger, a blue light will pulse to indicate that it is in charging mode. When the Detailer is fully charged, the blue light will glow steadily.

It is important to make sure that your Detailer is fully charged before you use it, as this will ensure that you get the best results. If you are unsure of the charging status of your Detailer, simply check the blue light – if it is pulsing, it is still charging; if it is steady, it is fully charged.

How many watts are in a Wahl Detailer?

The Wahl Detailer uses 9 watts of power at 115V AC and 60Hz. This means that it uses slightly less power than a standard light bulb. However, the Detailer is much more powerful than a standard light bulb and can provide a much higher level of light output.

What is Wahl 5star?

Wahl 5star is a type of clipper that is designed for traditional on scalp tapering and fading, precision fades, and clipper over comb work. The blades on this tool are adjustable with zero-overlap capabilities, which means that they can be used to create very precise and clean cuts. This makes the Wahl 5star an ideal choice for barbers and stylists who want to create perfect fades and other intricate hairstyles.

What is the best Wahl cordless clipper?

Wahl is a well-known brand when it comes to hair clippers. Their products are popular among barbers and stylists. Cordless clippers are becoming more popular because they are easier to use and more versatile. The Wahl cordless clipper is one of the best on the market. It is lightweight and has a long-lasting battery. The blade is sharp and cuts through hair easily. The clipper is also very quiet.

Which Wahl trimmer is best for home use?

Do you want to give yourself or someone else a haircut at home? If so, you’ll need a good hair clipper. But with so many different hair clippers on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve tested dozens of different hair clippers, and we’ve found that the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper Kit is the best one for most at-home haircuts.

This clipper is powerful, yet still easy to use. It comes with everything you need to get a great haircut, including a detachable blade, combs, and a styling guide. And it’s backed by a five-year warranty, so you can be confident that it’s a quality product.

So if you’re looking for a hair clipper that will give you a great at-home haircut, we recommend the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper Kit.

What is the most powerful Wahl clipper?

Wahl is a company that has been around for a long time, and they know how to make a quality clipper. The 5 Star Senior is their most powerful model, and it runs at a V9000 power. This clipper is great for anyone who wants the extra power on hand, just in case they need it.

What is a detailer trimmer used for?

A detail trimmer is a small, handheld grooming tool that can be used to trim and shape the hair on your ears, nose, and eyebrows. Most detail trimmers come with a variety of attachments, or heads, that can be used for different purposes. For example, a precision detailer head can be used for trimming eyebrows and sideburns, a rotary head can be used for trimming nose hair, and a reciprocating head can be used for trimming ear hair and shaping the edges of your hairline.

How do you use Wahl Detailer?

The Wahl Detailer is a versatile and powerful trimmer that is perfect for creating precise lines and edges. This trimmer is equipped with a close-cutting blade that can easily create sharp lines. Additionally, the Detailer has a precision ground blade that is perfect for detail work. To use the Wahl Detailer, simply hold the trimmer in your hand and use the blade to create the desired lines and edges.

How do I maintain my Wahl Detailer?

oils or lubricants on your unit. You can find Wahl clipper oils and lubricants at most beauty supply stores. If you need to remove stubborn dirt or build-up, use a mild soap and water solution. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your clipper.

Are Wahl cordless clippers good?

Wahl cordless clippers are popular because they are easy to use and quite affordable. Many people find that they are able to get a close cut with these clippers, which is important for those who want to avoid hair looking too long. The cordless feature is also beneficial as it means that you can move around freely while you are cutting your hair.

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